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Statement pieces or functional furniture is within reach when you support small locally owned shops like Brown Homegoods. We've worked with screenshots, pencil sketches and far fetched notions to create the one of a kind perfect piece for your home or event. Join the list of happy customers and don't put off your dream any longer.

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Handmade Signs & Artwork

Custom Furniture

Custom Event Signage

I have multiple Brown Homegoods items and every single one of them is perfect. The care, detail, and effort that is in each piece is perfect and I love the uniqueness of each of them. I love seeing them all around my home!

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What Customers Say

As a wedding gift my husband received a door hanging sign from Brown Homegoods. The sign is aesthetically perfect, the details are incredible, and it was by far our favorite gift! Many thanks to this very gifted artist!

Brown Homegoods created a beautiful and artistic welcome sign for a bridal shower I recently hosted! I was so pleased with their work and attention to detail (and the compliments didn't hurt either!) that I will definitely be buying more from their store! No matter what it is, they've got you covered and will help you create the perfect piece to fit your vision!

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